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Amongst others, we specialize in a variety of applications such as hot & cold insulation, sheet metal & cladding, asbestos removal, polyurethane foam injection as well as spray work

  • Hot Insulation is required for environment temperatures exceeding 60C. Thermal Insulation is reduction of heat (thermal energy) transfered between objects of differing temperatures in thermal contact or in range of radiative influences.

  • Cold Insulation is required for environment temperatures below ambient which is typically capable of preventing condensation, moisture intrusion and long term degradation. Moisture from condensation is a problem in any cold system.

  • We manufacture galvanised, aluminium and stainless steel jacketing, sheets and elbows for the protection of thermal insulation used primarily in refineries, power plants, chemical facilities and paper mills.

  • Thermal or acoustic insulation is required for ducting to prevent noise transmission and improve comfort. It is critical to install insulation solutions which have a high performance regarding thermal efficiency, fire safety, noise control or indoor air quality.

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